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What Would you do?

I have  friend at work going through a rough patch in her marriage, I will call her Mrs X.

Mrs X has been going through a hard time over the last 12 to 18 months but in the last couple of weeks things have really gotten crazy. Her “husband” has been going awol missing for a couple of days and not telling her where he is or whom he is with. He works hard and long hours and sometimes works at country and interstate locations so I get when he’s not home then,

What irritates me on her behalf is that when working in the city he can’t be bothered coming home some nights it reminds me of my father and when he would work late and decide that he wanted to do other things than come home to his family, he would stay out all night drinking and end up at some chicks house then pretend to us that everything was normal.

She is trying to do the right things and go through counselling ect but I personally don’t think it’s going to change him as all he cares about is him.

I told her to get out now before she gets hurt anymore.

what would you do?

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I have two wonderful kids, I may complain and bitch about them all the time, they might really annoy me at times, especially when I’m cranky but I do love them dearly.

My eldest CJ who’s 16 has just started year 11 in high school, he has been warned on more than one occasion that the amount of homework he will get this year will increase and that the quality of work will be expected to be higher than year 10.

So it’s to our chagrin and total fucking annoyance, that my wife receives a phone call yesterday, 1.5 weeks into term 1 of year 11 letting us know that his homework is not up to scratch and is barely passable and that he didn’t even do the homework that was set for them over the school holidays. The homework set was a simple diary of their daily activities. His would’ve been easy as this – Monday – Sunday – got up, did nothing for four hours except watch tv and youtube, fed the dog had a shower, walked the dog, played xbox till midnight slept repeated for 6 weeks and done!!! He couldn’t even do that!

How angry and frustrated at his total lack of care, and amount of fucks given is unexplainable. We felt like complete and utter failures as parents! I was shattered, my wife was in tears the minute she got off the phone. We didn’t know what to do or say!!

So we pick him up from school and he hops in the car and he’s all chipper until my wife started speaking,

Nuclear explosion

lets just say there were a few harsh words and some home truths and threats throne in for good measure.

We do our normal Thursday afternoon/night thing take AK (5 yr old Daughter) to Cheer-leading practice and CJ to baseball training (wow I just realized how american we sound especially living here on Australia).

Fast forward to this morning and the wife and CJ have a good conversation on the way to school and I do mean conversation,

Car Convo

who would of thought, after sleeping on what he’s done he actually was involved it wasn’t just my wife talking and him grunting. he acknowledged that he was working hard now but that he did make a mistake and will try not to do it again. As long as he does work hard and we can see that he’s putting in effort then I’ll be happy, If he just tries to get away with doing the bare minimum I will lose my mind.





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The Reno – Garden

In my last post I talked about the house today I am going to show off the what we have done so far to the outside, I didn’t realize how much we had done and how far we had come on the outside of the house till I looked at the before and after photos.

I thought we had just done a couple of small changes here and there, but no we have done a fair bit.

At the Front of the house I have torn down the old ugly wire fence and overgrown hedge put in new edging around the garden bed, pulled up all the small stones down the side of the drive way and put bark in with a few small boulders.

We have tinted the windows on the house and added new pull down blinds on all upstairs windows.

The backyard I have pulled up and re-positioned the pavers to a more usable option added in new garden bed and put up a pergola. removed the shed and put it in the corner of the back yard to give us more room.

When I look back at it now, WOW!! we have done a shitload of work but by doing a little here and a little there over time it hasn’t felt like it.


The backyard isn’t finished yet as we have only done half of it, just need to design the rest.

We also would like to add a few more plants to the front of the house but haven’t worked out what to put in. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.






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“The Reno”

The Reno or how I would like to call it the money pit and destroyer of my soul!!!

Lets start at the beginning it was about 4.5 years ago my wife and I decided it was time to buy our second home after renovating our first home and selling it for a small profit.

We rented for a while in between selling and buying, had another child as well just to complicate things (you will here about the kids in another blog).

Before going any further I want to thank a couple of people who have been awesome in the help provided to get the house to where it currently is. Darren J who is a master plumber with no equal was able to show me a few things as well as put in the laundry tub I thought would never go in. Also our electrician Bevan Sparks at Sparks Electrical for getting power points in places I  could’t imagine we could get in!

So it Begins….

When we bought the house, all we thought a little bit of paint and change in carpet was needed, well…. lets be honest when you see the photo’s below you will understand.

Our first jobs to be done were the carpet and the painting. The painting and carpet were done the week before we moved in to ensure that we didn’t get paint on everything. the carpet was the first thing ripped up as it is hideous (see above) and smelled as the previous owners allowed there un-house trained dogs to roam freely throughout the house. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and we let ours in the house but he is house trained and doesn’t soil anywhere anytime.

Every time I look at the before photos I cringe and can’t believe that we took on this task, but after a lot of hard work and more still to come we have tuned a house into a home. Yes, there have been some hard times, arguments, shouting matches, my kids making popcorn to watch or closing their bedroom doors because they are over it.

My wife is a very good foreperson as she is picky and likes things done right, thankfully this is the case otherwise for all my good intentions the work would be half done as I get annoyed and frustrated at my short comings as a handyman.

Once the painting and carpet were done we started on changing power points and light fittings, then came the day I was hoping wouldn’t happen, my wife decided that the upstairs bathroom needed to be gutted and redone. In all honesty we had to redo the shower as the base had a leak in it and I didn’t want it falling through the ceiling to the ground floor.

The bathroom took a couple of weeks as I had to do it around my son’s baseball and my daughters dancing but we got that done and it looks fantastic.


Since that day I have taken up all the tiles down stairs, removed the carpet from down stairs and upstairs lounge room and installed laminate floating floors, I am still doing the quading as I write this but I think it looks good.

We have come along way and worked hard there is still a little to go but that’s the next post 🙂

bye for now.

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Rambles Part 1



(I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes)

I sit here at my desk and just stare at the blank screen of my blog with no idea…… not on what to write about but on how to start!

This has been the story of my life with anything that needs to be written down or when I have to actually explain something. I have it all in my head, I understand what needs to be done, I do, I get it, it’s just turning my thoughts to words is extremely hard.

My thoughts seem to get lost in translation from my brain to either the page or my mouth. Going from my brain to page is a little bit easier as I can delete lines or words before anyone reads it, (I wrote this 6 times before I was happy with it) but when I talk!!! It can sometimes be seriously embarrassing for me especially around friends, family or work colleagues as what I’m thinking about and what actually comes out of my mouth is sometimes two totally different things.

It’s like my mouth has no filter, my brain is screaming don’t say it, just don’t go there and my mouth goes hahaha yep this is definitely happening and it does, it will be rude, vulger and totally inappropriate and depending on the person or people I’m with I might get a laugh or a “you didn’t just go there”.

Then there are times when my brain is jumping up and down to get something out and my mouth won’t work.

Ok, I have to go now, mind you this isn’t even the blog I wanted to start with this is the one that just popped out of my brain and decided to show you wonderful readers exactly why my blog is called rambles… LOL Chat later


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First blog post

I started this blog after being inspired to put thought to paper from friends who already do this.

These thoughts will be random in both nature, amount of blogs and time between them.

Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself, family or friends 😂😂😂